I am an artist from Hawick, working in Aberdeen. I graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2018.

I use obsession and repetition within my work to fully explore and resolve my ideas. I use painting and sewing to portray memories from my childhood. There is an intentional naivete to the way I compose and create work, to evoke a sense of play, hope, and understanding. 

My work is about the mother. My mother. Storytelling. Retelling. The things she told me – about the witches, about the coven. Recreating. Retelling. Memories of trinkets, of dolls, of keys with no doors, and cabinets with no keys.

My work is about memory. Am I innocent or scared? The icebergs made of snow. The bedroom door creaking open. Missing teeth. Unopened triptych. Tiny shoes, no dolls to wear them.

 I want to recreate and retell these stories and memories. In doing so, I turn it into legend, into my own tale to tell. I want to explore the emotions that tie me to these memories, and by painting it, I transform it into something public. Through the outsiders interpretation and understanding, I can shape my work, closing some doors to see through, opening others.



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